Promoting Pet Pawsitive

Pet Pawsitive is unlike an average pet supply store that you might find in your local community. They are known to participate in local fundraisers and host different events, as well as help out humane societies and shelters. The purpose of this blog is to explain my take on a good way of making a video to promote this business. I will be explaining, in detail, how I would use online video to better the success of Pet Pawsitive.

First off, here’s a little back ground information on the business. They have two locations, in Belleville and in Kingston, (each location having an outlet that sells training supplies and all natural pet foods) and they work towards providing pets and their owners, with behavioural and psychological training. This might include different things like your basic animal education, obedience, or rehabilitation.

Pet Pawsitive is known to work cooperatively with humane societies and local shelters, so that they can connect you with your next pet. Although the store doesn’t have a huge amount of employees working for them, (6-10 members) the staff is knowledgable and ready to help everyone.

When it comes down to making a video for this business, I would start by engaging the audience. This would be important because it would attract their attention right form the start. I would do this by playing a catchy song, I would have many different dogs and cats running around in a park, I might make it funny and add in little graduation hats, they would flying around in the air, as if the pets had just graduated from their obedience class, which is one of the many classes offered at Pet Pawsitive. I would make this into an exciting event, having all of the pet owners finding their pets, and they would be greatly impressed with their animals new behavioural skills.

I would add in a catchy saying or slogan for my business, something like “putting your pet first” along with someone at the end informing viewers of the location, what else we offer, available class times, and so on. Then finally, to leave the viewer believing that Pet Pawsitive is a good choice for their animal, I would have a customer from the past answering a few short questions about their experience, obviously the responses would all be positive and would promote the business.

The final words of my video would be “Pet Pawsitive is something that you won’t regret, not only you will love the outcome, but your animals will surely enjoy their experiences as well. Check out either of our locations, for food, some toys, or for more information about the classes. You won’t regret us, and you most definitely won’t forget us! Have a pawsitively wonderful day!”



This week we began looking at how different businesses use Facebook, the business I decided to go with for this blog is American Eagle Outfitters. The page was created in December of 2007. Over the past few years, the site has been used to get sales and promotions out to the public, as well as to hear customer feedback. The page is well visited, having reached 7 million likes since it was first created. The purpose of this blog is to analyze if I believe the business is having success through their online Facebook page by identifying what kind of content they share, how the page engages with customers, why this page might add value for the fans, along with how the voice and visuals are used.

The American Eagle brand targets 14 to 25 year old males and females, with over 900 retail locations in the U.S. and Canada, along with an online store. The company was founded 1977, but the Facebook page came to life 30 years later, in 2007.The store is known for their impressive clothing line, although, nowadays they do sell other merchandise, for example, purses, jewellery, boots, and so on.

I took the time to look over the page to better my understanding of what the purpose of it is and I came to the realization that there is a lot of diverse content. Content from the creators, which includes the businesses slogan “Live Your Life” and logo (shown in the photo above), store promotions, events and fundraisers. Also, there are links to American Eagle’s Twitter and Instagram. This is important because it makes finding things easier for the reader, and the easier it is to locate the sites, the more they will be visited. There is also content on the page from customers, that are using Facebook to express their likes and dislikes about the company and share their personal experiences at the store. The Facebook page is keeping current and future customers up to date with what they can look forward to in the store.

The brand is currently using a huge amount of visuals to catch the eye of anyone who might be browsing over their page. Pictures help to engage the customers in what they are looking at. People will instantly become more interested in something that has a striking appearance. There is also a section on the webpage where you can send in pictures of yourself, wearing the AE brand of clothing, along with your story to the Facebook page and the employees will put a selected few into there “Where has your AE been?”. This album of photo’s is so appealing because you can see American Eagle clothing being worn, all over the world! This adds value to a customer because it is obvious that there is a lot of time being spent keeping the site up to date, which shows a tremendous dedication from the employees.

In conclusion, I do believe American Eagle is having a success with their Facebook page. The amount of likes that they have shows that it is visited often. I like how American Eagle is receiving continuous customer feedback. I think American Eagle should keep up the good work when it comes to engaging their customers through visuals and content.

Tweeting with Bell

Bell Mobility has been on Twitter since May of 2009. At first, the tweets were coming out a couple times per month, but now, as Twitter becomes more popular, having over 500 million users, Bell has been composing tweets almost every single day during the last year. The purpose of this blog is to look into how Bell Mobility is using the social networking site, Twitter, to promote themselves. As a Bell user myself, I decided a lot of this information would be beneficial. The plan of my blog is to cover how the business is using Twitter, frequency of their updates, what techniques they are using to engage with the consumers, as well as, the content in the posts.

I have spent some time analyzing the tweets and connections that Bell has made through their twitter account and I have come up some interesting things. When the account was first opened, Bell was using Twitter mostly to get information out to any followers they might have attracted. I noticed that there has been some huge changes over the time with this account, near the beginning the frequency of their tweets were very spread out, but lately there has been tweets made almost everyday. I did also notice that as the time passed, Bell Mobility began being very connected with their followers, by retweeting and replying to some of the positive feedbacks that were provided to them about the company. Bell is reaching many customers through this social networking site, having 20 000 followers to date.

The content that Bell was tweeting about included different things, such as new products and promotions. In January they began tweeting about “Bell Lets Talk Day” which was on February 8th, and for every text message sent out, Bell donated 5 cents towards mental health. They not only advertised this through their Twitter account, but they also interacted with their followers by sending out tweets that said they would be donating another 5 cents for every retweet they got on Twitter about “Bell Lets Talk Day”, which I thought was a great way to catch the attention of customers! This positive fundraiser, could quite possibly attract other personnel to choose Bell or switch over to Bell from a different provider.

In my opinion, Bell is doing a fantastic job with their Twitter account. They are keeping people up to date, which is only going to benefit their business’ success. To me, it is clear that the work being put into this Twitter account is not going without recognition, this is obvious because of how many followers they have reached, and tweets they have posted lately. Customers appreciate seeing a business doing as much as they can to keep you happy and involved. If Bell is your provider, I would highly recommend following this account, and hey, while you’re at it, follow me @aliciarossen – thanks tweeters!!

“The GoodLife Blog”

I came across an interesting blog online, on GoodLife Fitness, it has been around for about a year now. The purpose of this blog is to discuss whether or not the blog is being successful and making the company look better, by the information throughout the pages and posts. I am going to look into what types of information is included for the reader and why it might be important for a company to have made this blog.

“The GoodLife Blog” gives the reader information on members personal stories, which discuss openly, how GoodLife has helped them achieve their goal weights. The blog gives the reader different pieces of advice on how to keep active when going back to school, how to fit a healthy lifestyle into your busy schedules and it also keeps you updated with events and activities that are being held through the gym. While reading through the different blogs, I felt engaged in the many different materials. Almost every single day there are new blogs for you to read, this helps keep the readers interested because of the new material. The blogs are detailed and include photos that have to do with what is being discussed.

Overall, I believe that this blog is a successful part of the GoodLife Fitness community because of how it doesn’t only talk about information that the reader is already aware of, for example tips for working out, it has much more then that to offer. I am surprised at just how much this gym has to provide. I learnt a lot by reading through some of the pages and stories, as I’m sure anyone else would too. I don’t see how this blog can be affecting their company negatively at all.

Social Networking… Good or Bad?

Social media has been a part of our lives for many years, starting with the dial up internet connection in the 1960’s and the first ever email being sent out in 1971. Since then, our world has evolved immensely when it comes down to the social networking aspect. We now have high speed internet almost anywhere across the country. Although it is remarkable how our societies are expanding and becoming more and more connected every single day, it is also causing a large problem. Teenagers, and even adults, are addicted to different forms of social networking, whether it is Twitter, Facebook, texting or any of the many other methods of communicating and expressing yourself. A study was conducted in the German city of Wurtzburg, which suggested that social media outlets are quite possibly more addictive then alcohol and cigarettes. The purpose of this blog is to identify the positives and negatives that continue to arise as social networking becomes larger and larger.

Teens are using social networking positively to communicate with friends and family from all over the world and business men and woman are able to perform deals from one country to another, because of how social networking has progressed. Teachers have gone from banning the use of cellphones and any form of technology in their classrooms, to now using them to help engage students. Companies can advertise over the internet, on Twitter or Facebook at no cost, helping them to successfully reach many consumers everywhere.

It is known that 22% of the time being spent online is spent using a social networking site, and having said that, this is how social media is known to be used negatively. Too much time is being spent using the internet and different websites, leaving people without enough sleep at night or to become very distracted and lose their focus on the more important things that they should be doing, for example, quality time with their kids or for children, time spent doing their homework. Nowadays, too much information is being shared online, and now that companies are all on the social networking bandwagon, this can cause you to lose your job, a potential job, or even friendships.

There are many pros and cons when it comes down to it. Now that we have became so attached to social networking, it will be around for a very long time. I believe that if we all learn to correctly use this amazing form of communication and entertainment, and be smart while doing so, then it can potentially benefit us majorly, like it has began to do already. The internet will continue to get better every single day and if we embrace this then it can help us all to be on the road to success.