My name is Alicia Kimberley Rossen. I am currently enrolled in my third year of Business Administration – Human Resources Management at Fleming College, in Peterborough, ON. I come from the small town of Millbrook, about twenty minutes away from where I am now in school. I was born on March 16th and am now twenty one years old. I took a year off of school after I graduated grade twelve at Port Hope High School, so that I could work and figure out just what I wanted to take in school. I decided a business degree can never hurt!


In Millbrook, I live with my parents, who have been married for twenty five years, Neil, is my dad and he is retired from General Motors, after a long thirty three years, and my mother, Teresa, worked in Oshawa at a dentistry for kids for eightteen years as the dental hygienist, until about 6 years ago when she went back to school to further her education at Trent University, she graduated last year with the hopes that she will teach dentistry at a college in the near future! I have two Siblings, my brother, Bradley, is twenty three and completing his Masters in Economics at Brock University, in St Catherines, and my younger sister, Juliann, who is nineteen years old, and left in August to complete her undergrad in science at Dalhousie University in NS. I am so proud of both of them!! We have a black lab named Bentley, who is three years old.

I have travelled to Mexico, Dominican, Jamaica, Myrtle Beach, Cuba and France. As well as small vacations with my family over the years, to places like Niagara Falls, Toronto, and Ottawa. We have a cottage in Havelock, on Cordova lake, that I love! I spend most of the weekends through the summertime there, doing so many fun activities like tubing, water skiing, swimming and boating.

I started blogging in first year for a Social Media and Emerging Technology class I was enrolled in. I have learned so much about it, (tried experimenting with the links/pictures haha). This is all so exciting to me and I am very happy to have started this next chapter of my life!!


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