Social Media Measurement Tools

It’s that time again! Time for the tenth blog of the semester. This week we are going to be researching and analyzing some different social media measurement tools. These tools are all unique in their owns way and each have various ways of how a business can use the data provided by each tool/service to measure and improve its social media outreach. I will also discuss the pros and cons for each social media measurement tool. I will be going into great detail to hopefully help you understand each measurement tool to the best of my abilities. A lot of research about what social media measurement tools are and how they work was required for me to begin writing this blog because I have never really heard much about this topic.

The three social media measurement tools I’ve decided to look into are:

First we’ll start with TweetGrader. This social media measurement tools lets you type in your Twitter user name and then gives you a grade out of 100. This tool measure your overall power and the influence of your Twitter account. It also compares your personal account to the millions of other users through a ranking system. I personally think that this tool could be used by anyone, no matter how much experience you have with computers and what not because it is very simple, you just type in your username, hit grade, and then it shoots out a bunch of information, having done all the work for you without you needing to type in a lot of information. Once you’ve gotten your summary of your Twitter profile and your rankings vs. other profiles, you can read some tips that were suggested on how to improve your grade and your ranking.

Some pros I notice for TweetGrader is that you can type in other peoples usernames to compare with yourself. I feel that this would be particularly useful for a company that is trying to get ahead of a competitor, you can easily look to see why their profile is more popular and get some tips on how to improve yours. TweetGrader also lets you see Follower History which displays a graph of trends and user history. I can see that this tool has the potential to be a great place for companies to find ways of improving and editing their Twitter account by improving the feedback and suggestions they receive. However I don’t believe that it’s quite there yet.

I’ve found some cons; the information is very slow when loading and when you’re receiving comments they are very blah! They say things like “Congratulations! We could not find any areas of concern with this Twitter account. Tweet on!” This is always a good thing to hear if you’ve received a 100/100 grade, but not when they’ve given you something less then that. Everyone should be receiving a perfect score if that is the comment you’re going to be receiving. Overall I wasn’t super impressed with this tool. It is a neat thing to play around with but as far as helping your Twitter account be more successful, I don’t feel like it does that. The site needs to fix some of the smaller issues like the long loading time, as well as they need to work towards improving their suggestions significantly considering that is what the tool is designed to do.

Next, we’ll be discussing Radian6. In my opinion this tool very interesting, it help companies with their brands, and stay connected with the customers. Radian6 has about 3000 customers with them today, 100 companies and eight global advertisers. Radian6 offers many things to the companies to help them out. On their “about us” page they go into great details which I found helpful to a user because they provide enough information to let others know what they can do to help. This social media measurement tool helps you to start building your business and community, they help you to see what the customers intention is.

Some pro’s of this measurement tool are the they engage with their customers and make sure that the business is using the right ways to engage with their audience, they also help the business to listen to what others are saying about your brand. Radian6 measures social media by assisting you to see what is popular and what isn’t. You can see the conversations that are happening and lastly this site allows you to discover and explore other demographics. With all that help it could help the business to grow better, meet their goals and be successful.

As far as the cons of this social media measurement tool, unlike TweetGrader, I didn’t discover too many. Most of the navigating through the site and information was simple and I didn’t find it difficult to use. They offer a lot to help you stay on top and meet your businesses needs.

Lastly, we have Socialite. This social media measurement tool lets businesses manage multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Some pro’s for this measurement tool are that the social media accounts are listed in a vertical sidebar which I found makes it easier to view all the accounts at once. With socialite, people can post and comment on Facebook from socialite as well as manage their Twitter account. They also offer a customizable layout and a free version to download. Socialite allows people to compare the different social media platforms they are using (all in one place) and find which one is most beneficial.

Socialite does have some cons as well, it does cost you $10.00 and you do have to download it onto your computer. Socialite is only available for macs, this causes a limited target audience and if they came out with a P.C. version, they would have a lot more traffic through their site. Socialite does not seem to have a lot of drawbacks. However, I’m not able to use it because of the computer restrictions so I’m sure if I were to actually use socialite, then I would most likely find some more things I did and didn’t like. Socialite is more of a one stop social media management tool rather than a social media monitoring or analyzing tool. If a business is trying to track their impact on social media or see who has looked at their page then Socialite would not be a useful site for them.

When is comes down to choosing social media measurement tools it is all about your personal preference and what a business or individual wants to get from it. Socialite is great for managing all your social media websites at once but with TweetGrader you can gain some knowledge on how successful your Twitter account is. All social media measurement tools are going to have positives and negative, when it comes down to deciding which one you should be using, it’s not really about which one is considered the best overall, it’s more about which one will be delivering you the information that you are looking forward to gaining from the tool.


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