Social Media Plan

Over the past week we have been talking about the role of a social media plan and why they should be used. Our assignment is to create a social media plan for a fictional business called Extreme Promotional Materials. EPM is a business that sells personalized uniforms, promotional materials for sports teams and companies, personalized gifts (clothing, coffee mugs, etc).

Social media is becoming a large part of our society and if it’s used appropriately it can be extremely helpful for a company when it comes to free advertisements and customer feedback. But one negative comment or wrong post from the creator can completely change that and it can ruin your companies reputation in a second. It can risky to get into but more often it is very beneficial.

Why should a Social Media Plan be used?

A social media plan is a great way for a business to make the best of social media. Having a social media plan will help a business concentrate on their social media marketing goals. It will also help them to determine what routes they will take when it comes to different websites or platforms, it is always significantly better for a company to focus on using only one or two and maximizing those platforms and figuring out how to use them to their full potentials.

How should a Social Media Plan be used?

A social media plan should be used to create a plan to promote your business on the social media platforms that you have chosen. You should include certain things into this social media plan; how much time you will be spending on social media and how often you are going to be updating information.

Extreme Promotional Materials; Social Media Plan


Extreme Promotional Materials does their best to offer customers good quality products at a reasonable price and in a friendly atmosphere. Through social media we are hoping to connect to as many people as we can, giving ourselves the opportunity to build relationships with current and future customers.


The vision of Extreme Promotional Materials is to create a huge network through using social media to the best of our abilities. We are doing our best to maintain a positive environment in our stores and on social media. We have high hopes that our customers will be happy with the services we offer to them, leaving us with only positives reviews on our social media sites.


  • Reach more people through social media.
  • Gain more feedback and learn from that feedback.
  • Create positive relationships with customers.
  • Learn the needs and wants of our customers.

Target Audience

Our target audience includes men and woman, from schools, whether it is public schools, high schools, colleges or universities. We will reach out to sports teams, and radio stations and hope that once the business becomes larger we can reach out to companies that are both big and small, that are in need of uniforms, t shirts, etc.

Social Media Tools

Three social media tools have been chosen for Extreme Promotional Materials to take advantage of for their social media. They are Facebook, WordPress and a store website. We found that because of the large target audience we have Facebook would be an appropriate tool because of how many people are now using it. WordPress would be beneficial for creating blogs for the company because it is a great way to communicate with customers.

A store website would be a successful social media tool because it would answer the questions of the customers, whether they needed to know hours of operation, services offered, etc. It would also offer photos and ideas so that customers can check it out and come into the store more prepared. The Facebook and blog would both have the link to our website on them, as well as the website would have a link to like our Facebook page and follow our blogs so each can be easily located.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

With our social media just beginning, the company will need some strategies to real customers into their social media sites. We are going to have postings up in our store with our Facebook page and blog. Also, as I said earlier, we will have the Facebook and blog links on our company website, which people should become familiar with over time and know that they can go there to browse through our products.

Our goal is to be checking our Facebook daily to answer any customer questions and to read through some feedback we might have received. We will also be checking regularly so that we know if our strategy of having links on our website is working to our advantage or not. If it isn’t we will have to find a different way to approach this, perhaps some more word of mouth to get our customers talking, encourage customers to visit our sites as we are checking them out and we could try putting our website on the receipt paper.

When it comes to our website and our blog, these will be updated about once a week with the new products and services we offer and we could post a picture of the best promotional material from that week for some excitement. We will post things like new products, weekly specials, upcoming sales and events.


Social media plan’s are important to have for a business that is just starting out with social media. Extreme Promotional Materials offers great customer service and are hoping to reach a large audience in a positive environment that is being created through online websites. We have high hopes of receiving feedback and being in touch with our customers needs and wants.


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