Once It’s Up There You Can’t Take It Back

Over the past week, we have been talking about our own personal digital footprints. We have google‘d ourselves and most of us were quite surprised with the findings. We are to spend some time brainstorming how we can improve and enhance our digital footprints. The plan of this blog is to come up with three important ways to better my digital footprint and also discuss how and why these steps are going to be effective. The three different ways I chose to develop a higher quality digital footprint include being very careful with what I put up onto the internet, as well as what others are putting up of me. I will make sure I have a private and professional profile and lastly, I will use my sites regularly.

Here’s a quick video that explains your digital footprint: 

First off, you need to remember just how big of an impact you are making when you are uploading pictures. Yes, we all want our friends to see how much fun we had at the bar last night and everyone to see our cute outfits…but what about future employers? Do you think that’s what they’re looking forward to viewing on your profiles? Probably not.

I’m planning on improving my digital footprint through my Facebook account by removing any inappropriate pictures that might be linked to my name. These are not necessarily photo’s I have uploaded, but might be ones that friends of mine have posted. You have to be careful of both situations, it’s not only about what you are posting. This is going to be beneficial because it will show future employers or anyone looking at my profile that I am responsible. People could look at my profile and think that I am professional and serious about what I put online.

Secondly, we need to keep in mind that absolutely anyone, anywhere can view a profile that doesn’t have the correct privacy settings in place. This doesn’t only mean that your future employers, teachers and family members can see what you’re doing… It means that if you are posting things that you’re doing or places you’re visiting, complete strangers can start tracking your whereabouts as well, a bit creepy I must say!!

A route that I am going to take to enhance my digital footprint through both my Twitter and Facebook accounts includes keeping my profiles extremely private. On Facebook, I will change all of my account settings so that only people I have friended can view what I post, which will show I am responsible and professional, caring about who sees my things. On Twitter, I will show the same responsibility ad professionalism through protecting my tweets so that I have to allow people to be able to view them. After I complete these things, this will show that I care enough about myself online to take time out and make these changes so that nothing that my name is linked to can be seen as lazy or careless.

Lastly, how often we are using our websites is very important. If someone was to Google my name and I wasn’t using my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc on a regular basis then they might be directed to someone else’s page with my same name. This person could have a very unprofessional profile and if it was a future employer that was looking me up, who I have never met before, I could lose that opportunity.

I will make an impression through LinkedIn, which is a great website for finding a job. I am planning on making my network on this site very large, by adding people and joining other networks. If someone was to Google my name, and I was using my LinkedIn account regularly then this would pop up. They would be directed to my website where my resume etc could be located. This shows that I have good networking skills and that I am working very hard towards a positive first impression through social media.

Nowadays, our digital footprints are so important!! Before you start posting things all over different social media sites, you need to stop and think twice about whether this is going to affect you in the long run or ask yourself if you’re going to regret it down the road. Even though you delete something, it is never completely deleted from the internet because in all seriousness, once it’s up there you can’t take it back.


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