Instagram vs. Pinterest

This week in SMET class, we looked into the different social media tools and how they’re being used in our society today. There are so many different tools that are available to anyone online. I have decided to look into a couple popular ones, Instagram and Pinterest. The purpose of this blog is to pin point how a business could use these social media tools to benefit their businesses.

Instagram is one of the most popular downloaded photo apps, having millions of users. It is a website where you let pictures do the talking, you can share your story through different, edited photos you have taken.

If I were in a business setting, I would display the companies instagram name so that people could follow the pictures that my business is putting online, which would create more online traffic. This site, if constructed properly, is a huge advertisement for a company, and its FREE to upload your photos so that everyone can view them. I would probably use Instagram for making my products look more enticing for the customers. Instagram does a good job of improving the look of pictures, so this would be beneficial for attracting the eye of a potential consumer.

Pinterest is a “virtual pin-board” which lets your organize and share the beautiful things you might find over the web. It connects people from all over the world, based on their interests. You can organize your pin boards to plan your wedding, sort your favourite recipes, and even decorate your home. People can leave you feedback on what they think as well!

I would use this for some of the same reasons I would use Instagram, anyone can view them at no cost, and you can upload hundreds of pictures to advertise for your company. PLUS, not only does your company advertise for you, but when a user comes across pictures they might like on the site, they can “repin” it and then they are advertising for you!! You could get a lot of positive feedback from this. Pinterest lets you browse through almost anything, from fashion to baking. This site lets you show off your knowledge and expertise.

I came across this photo, which I thought was rather interesting, so I thought I would share it with you;

As more and more social media tools are coming to surface, businesses need to keep up with what people are using. Although many people are still reading the newspapers and looking through magazines, the reality of the matter is that most of the advertisements now a days, will be more successful over the web. I came to the conclusion, that businesses use these social media tools for one main reason; free mass advertising.


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