Promoting Pet Pawsitive

Pet Pawsitive is unlike an average pet supply store that you might find in your local community. They are known to participate in local fundraisers and host different events, as well as help out humane societies and shelters. The purpose of this blog is to explain my take on a good way of making a video to promote this business. I will be explaining, in detail, how I would use online video to better the success of Pet Pawsitive.

First off, here’s a little back ground information on the business. They have two locations, in Belleville and in Kingston, (each location having an outlet that sells training supplies and all natural pet foods) and they work towards providing pets and their owners, with behavioural and psychological training. This might include different things like your basic animal education, obedience, or rehabilitation.

Pet Pawsitive is known to work cooperatively with humane societies and local shelters, so that they can connect you with your next pet. Although the store doesn’t have a huge amount of employees working for them, (6-10 members) the staff is knowledgable and ready to help everyone.

When it comes down to making a video for this business, I would start by engaging the audience. This would be important because it would attract their attention right form the start. I would do this by playing a catchy song, I would have many different dogs and cats running around in a park, I might make it funny and add in little graduation hats, they would flying around in the air, as if the pets had just graduated from their obedience class, which is one of the many classes offered at Pet Pawsitive. I would make this into an exciting event, having all of the pet owners finding their pets, and they would be greatly impressed with their animals new behavioural skills.

I would add in a catchy saying or slogan for my business, something like “putting your pet first” along with someone at the end informing viewers of the location, what else we offer, available class times, and so on. Then finally, to leave the viewer believing that Pet Pawsitive is a good choice for their animal, I would have a customer from the past answering a few short questions about their experience, obviously the responses would all be positive and would promote the business.

The final words of my video would be “Pet Pawsitive is something that you won’t regret, not only you will love the outcome, but your animals will surely enjoy their experiences as well. Check out either of our locations, for food, some toys, or for more information about the classes. You won’t regret us, and you most definitely won’t forget us! Have a pawsitively wonderful day!”


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