Tweeting with Bell

Bell Mobility has been on Twitter since May of 2009. At first, the tweets were coming out a couple times per month, but now, as Twitter becomes more popular, having over 500 million users, Bell has been composing tweets almost every single day during the last year. The purpose of this blog is to look into how Bell Mobility is using the social networking site, Twitter, to promote themselves. As a Bell user myself, I decided a lot of this information would be beneficial. The plan of my blog is to cover how the business is using Twitter, frequency of their updates, what techniques they are using to engage with the consumers, as well as, the content in the posts.

I have spent some time analyzing the tweets and connections that Bell has made through their twitter account and I have come up some interesting things. When the account was first opened, Bell was using Twitter mostly to get information out to any followers they might have attracted. I noticed that there has been some huge changes over the time with this account, near the beginning the frequency of their tweets were very spread out, but lately there has been tweets made almost everyday. I did also notice that as the time passed, Bell Mobility began being very connected with their followers, by retweeting and replying to some of the positive feedbacks that were provided to them about the company. Bell is reaching many customers through this social networking site, having 20 000 followers to date.

The content that Bell was tweeting about included different things, such as new products and promotions. In January they began tweeting about “Bell Lets Talk Day” which was on February 8th, and for every text message sent out, Bell donated 5 cents towards mental health. They not only advertised this through their Twitter account, but they also interacted with their followers by sending out tweets that said they would be donating another 5 cents for every retweet they got on Twitter about “Bell Lets Talk Day”, which I thought was a great way to catch the attention of customers! This positive fundraiser, could quite possibly attract other personnel to choose Bell or switch over to Bell from a different provider.

In my opinion, Bell is doing a fantastic job with their Twitter account. They are keeping people up to date, which is only going to benefit their business’ success. To me, it is clear that the work being put into this Twitter account is not going without recognition, this is obvious because of how many followers they have reached, and tweets they have posted lately. Customers appreciate seeing a business doing as much as they can to keep you happy and involved. If Bell is your provider, I would highly recommend following this account, and hey, while you’re at it, follow me @aliciarossen – thanks tweeters!!


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