“The GoodLife Blog”

I came across an interesting blog online, on GoodLife Fitness, it has been around for about a year now. The purpose of this blog is to discuss whether or not the blog is being successful and making the company look better, by the information throughout the pages and posts. I am going to look into what types of information is included for the reader and why it might be important for a company to have made this blog.

“The GoodLife Blog” gives the reader information on members personal stories, which discuss openly, how GoodLife has helped them achieve their goal weights. The blog gives the reader different pieces of advice on how to keep active when going back to school, how to fit a healthy lifestyle into your busy schedules and it also keeps you updated with events and activities that are being held through the gym. While reading through the different blogs, I felt engaged in the many different materials. Almost every single day there are new blogs for you to read, this helps keep the readers interested because of the new material. The blogs are detailed and include photos that have to do with what is being discussed.

Overall, I believe that this blog is a successful part of the GoodLife Fitness community because of how it doesn’t only talk about information that the reader is already aware of, for example tips for working out, it has much more then that to offer. I am surprised at just how much this gym has to provide. I learnt a lot by reading through some of the pages and stories, as I’m sure anyone else would too. I don’t see how this blog can be affecting their company negatively at all.


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