PSYCH in MY Life

​Psychology is known as the science or study of the mind and internal processes, mental functions, study of behaviours, it can refer to the way a person or a group of people think and why they think that way. To me, psychology is not one specific definition but rather so many different ones.

Classical Conditioning 

Classical conditioning is learning by paired association. This is where you go through something in your life that continues to affect you into your future. It includes the unconditioned stimulus (UCS), unconditioned response (UCR), neutral stimulus (NS), conditioned stimulus (CS), and conditioned response (CR). 

I visited the dentist a lot as a kid, my mom is a dental hygienist so she was always making sure that my teeth were clean and I didn’t have any problems, she was always very gentle and I enjoyed going to her office. When I turned 16 I had to change dental offices because the one that my mom was working at was dentistry for kids only. My first visit there was worse then I was expecting. The hygienist was rough and not very friendly, changing my opinion on the dentist entirely.

Classical conditioning has definitely taken part in my life. One time I can remember vividly, was three years ago, when the same dental office that I was already not the fondest of, had decided I needed my wisdom teeth pulled. Wisdom teeth are already a very nerve wrecking experience with the horror stories people share with you about the pain and the recovery process. However, with the encouragement of my mother, I decided to get it over with.

When you get your wisdom teeth pulled they put you on an IV to sedate you. I thought this was wonderful because now I wouldn’t feel anything and I would wake up when it was all finished! Boy, was I wrong…

I sat down in the chair for my surgery, where the assistant prepped my arm for the IV. She said to me “you’ll feel a little pinch then it will be over” except she had to ‘pinch’ me multiple times because my vein wasn’t cooperating. This was very painful and the IV was long and frightening 😦 … She had put it into my arm three times before she decided she couldn’t get the vein and was going to try my other arm. The surgery was over before I knew it and to this day I am scared and tremble at the sight of all needles.

UCS- Dental work

UCR- Pain/pinching

NS- IV needle

CS- IV needle

CR- Scared/tremble

I really do believe that this traumatic time I went through a few years ago has impacted my life negatively. I am always nervous of needles, I will get crazy butterflies in my stomach, I feel sick and I get overly anxious whenever I find out I have to get a needle or have an IV put into my arm. I never choose to get the flu shot because of this situation I went through in the past. I also am very nervous at the thought of donating blood, although I would really like to do that. I hope that eventually I can get over this and stop feeling scared of needles, which would be classified as a form of extinction. However, if I were to get over it I’m sure every once in a while, out of the blue, I would still get those anxious feelings at the dental office because of how large an impact it has had on me, this is known as spontaneous recovery.

Generalization & Discrimination

Generalization is when you generalize something; for me I was scared of all needles and IV’s, it didn’t matter if it was blood work, dental work or the flu shot. This is called a stimulus generalization. I am viewing the world differently because there are many consequences to me feeling this way, as I previously mentioned my fear doesn’t only relate to dental needles, it relates to flu shots and other things that I would like to do but am hesitant to be doing because of my wisdom teeth IV experience. This form of classical conditioning in my life is causing me to miss out things, for example, helping others by donating blood.

Discrimination on the other hand would be if I was discriminating on one thing. For example I was only scared of dental IV’s. I wish that this was the case, I feel that if I was only nervous of dental IV’s I would be able to get other needles and trust that it wouldn’t be the same situation. This would allow my life to be less sheltered when it comes to giving blood, getting blood work done, immunizations, and although some needles are unavoidable and I have to have them, it causes a great deal of distress on my body when I have to put myself through that. If I could discriminate towards only the dental IV then I could try to move on and rid myself of this by means of having other needles and gaining the confidence back that maybe it was only a one time thing and might not necessarily happen again. I think that would put me on the road to recovering from that negative experience if I had the courage to receive other needles.


Distress & Eustress

Stress is often categorized as something negatively impacting our life, I believe this is because we use the word stress in our everyday lives to describe negative situations which leads us to believe that all forms of stress are bad for you, this is not true.

Distress is the more common form of stress, which is negative. Usually this kind of stress causes anxiety, concern, unpleasant feeling, decrease your performance and can also lead to mental and physical problems down the road. Distress can be short term or long term. I think everyone deal with distress in their lives, I know I do. School is a main stressor of mine; whether is be the assignments and exams or the money to pay for it. That is a common form of distress, however other examples could be your personal fears (heights, presentations), worrying is a large cause of distress; whether it is worrying about medical tests, future events, or unrealistic, perfectionist expectations for yourself (weight, image, job, having lots of money, etc). People worry about everything! This causes so much negative stress on our bodies.

Eustress is a form of positive stress, which can focus your energy towards something and motivate you, improve your performance, excite you and is usually short term. I definitely have experienced eustress in my life, a simple example would be going on vacation and traveling, it is my all time favourite thing to do and I travel to at least one new place every year, it causes me a lot of happiness and fulfillment. Examples in general could be getting a promotion at work, a new job, marriage, having a baby, vacations, holidays, etc. These are all very common for people and many people experience these things however we don’t usually think of these things as a form of stress.

So… How does eustress and distress come together in my life?! Well, I am 21 years old and I am taking a very big step, probably one of the scariest ones so far in my life. I have decided that with many years of saving and hard work – I am able to buy my very first house. Along with this choice comes so many forms of stressors (negative ones and definitely many positives as well).

First, is the entire process of making sure I had enough money for a down payment, then came the worrying about making sure I will be able to pay the mortgage and the bills every month. My plan is to live with a couple of my girlfriends and have them pay me rent so that my expenses monthly would be minimized, putting less distress on me. Then of course comes the distress of the pre-approval for my mortgage. However about four business days after applying for that came the eustress of being APPROVED! 🙂 Next there are, what feels like, endless amounts of moving costs that need to be budgeted for (lawyer fees, home inspection, land transfer tax, insurance, etc). This whole process has been a whirlwind of up and down emotions, feeling overwhelmed, then feeling excited, tears and also some very ‘proud of myself’ moments.

This has effected my life by giving me a lot of experience on dealing with stress. I have learnt different ways to cope with stress and discovered which ways are best suited for me. I believe this is beneficial for my future because I will experience similar situations down the road in which I can apply these findings.

This entire process has left me feeling a lot of mixed emotions, including a lot of both negative and positive stress. I am dealing with this physical stress through exercise, getting enough sleep at night, and eating right so my body is taken care of. I am dealing with the financial stresses by setting budgets and sticking to them, knowing my limits when looking at houses, understanding my financial position and how much I will be able to afford and meeting with my bank often, and asking tons of questions to ensure I am not missing anything and will not run into any surprises. I think these things help because it makes me feel confident about myself and my choices which takes some stress away. I find it interesting how one situation can have both negative and positive stressors. I definitely think the positive stressors are what has made the whole process worth it.

Wish me luck on finding the perfect starter home!!!


Final Thoughts

Wow has the semester ever flown by! It’s hard to believe that its almost Christmas time and we are now writing our last blog post for SMET class. It’s time to do a little reflecting now on our thoughts about social media now that we’ve completed the Social Media and Emerging Technologies course and explain whether or not these views of ours have changed.

When I wrote my first blog on social media, there was a lot of statistics and facts throughout it. Over the duration of this semester I have come to realize that there is so much more to social media than how much time people spend on the internet. Social media involved advertisements for businesses, communication for people all over the world or people in different rooms of a house, it includes hundreds of different websites; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr are just a couple that come to mind.

I had never used or even heard of so many different social media sites or tools that are out there to benefit us and the success of companies. I also never knew how much of an impact the social media aspect has on a business. It is very serious if a mistake is made and the wrong tweet or picture is sent out into the social world, it could ruin a business or person. The problem with all of this is, even if something is only out there for a second… once it has been sent, it is out there forever, there is no taking it back. The particular stories we looked into in class really stood out to me.

As I’m moving forward I’m going to always keep in mind all of the information I have learnt in this class to ensure that I am never in a position where social media is not working to my benefit. When you use social media to its full potential and in the right ways, it can really work in your favour, whether you are trying to promote something or trying to get a job. I have learned so many different things from this course and I am sad to know its over!

Social Media Measurement Tools

It’s that time again! Time for the tenth blog of the semester. This week we are going to be researching and analyzing some different social media measurement tools. These tools are all unique in their owns way and each have various ways of how a business can use the data provided by each tool/service to measure and improve its social media outreach. I will also discuss the pros and cons for each social media measurement tool. I will be going into great detail to hopefully help you understand each measurement tool to the best of my abilities. A lot of research about what social media measurement tools are and how they work was required for me to begin writing this blog because I have never really heard much about this topic.

The three social media measurement tools I’ve decided to look into are:

First we’ll start with TweetGrader. This social media measurement tools lets you type in your Twitter user name and then gives you a grade out of 100. This tool measure your overall power and the influence of your Twitter account. It also compares your personal account to the millions of other users through a ranking system. I personally think that this tool could be used by anyone, no matter how much experience you have with computers and what not because it is very simple, you just type in your username, hit grade, and then it shoots out a bunch of information, having done all the work for you without you needing to type in a lot of information. Once you’ve gotten your summary of your Twitter profile and your rankings vs. other profiles, you can read some tips that were suggested on how to improve your grade and your ranking.

Some pros I notice for TweetGrader is that you can type in other peoples usernames to compare with yourself. I feel that this would be particularly useful for a company that is trying to get ahead of a competitor, you can easily look to see why their profile is more popular and get some tips on how to improve yours. TweetGrader also lets you see Follower History which displays a graph of trends and user history. I can see that this tool has the potential to be a great place for companies to find ways of improving and editing their Twitter account by improving the feedback and suggestions they receive. However I don’t believe that it’s quite there yet.

I’ve found some cons; the information is very slow when loading and when you’re receiving comments they are very blah! They say things like “Congratulations! We could not find any areas of concern with this Twitter account. Tweet on!” This is always a good thing to hear if you’ve received a 100/100 grade, but not when they’ve given you something less then that. Everyone should be receiving a perfect score if that is the comment you’re going to be receiving. Overall I wasn’t super impressed with this tool. It is a neat thing to play around with but as far as helping your Twitter account be more successful, I don’t feel like it does that. The site needs to fix some of the smaller issues like the long loading time, as well as they need to work towards improving their suggestions significantly considering that is what the tool is designed to do.

Next, we’ll be discussing Radian6. In my opinion this tool very interesting, it help companies with their brands, and stay connected with the customers. Radian6 has about 3000 customers with them today, 100 companies and eight global advertisers. Radian6 offers many things to the companies to help them out. On their “about us” page they go into great details which I found helpful to a user because they provide enough information to let others know what they can do to help. This social media measurement tool helps you to start building your business and community, they help you to see what the customers intention is.

Some pro’s of this measurement tool are the they engage with their customers and make sure that the business is using the right ways to engage with their audience, they also help the business to listen to what others are saying about your brand. Radian6 measures social media by assisting you to see what is popular and what isn’t. You can see the conversations that are happening and lastly this site allows you to discover and explore other demographics. With all that help it could help the business to grow better, meet their goals and be successful.

As far as the cons of this social media measurement tool, unlike TweetGrader, I didn’t discover too many. Most of the navigating through the site and information was simple and I didn’t find it difficult to use. They offer a lot to help you stay on top and meet your businesses needs.

Lastly, we have Socialite. This social media measurement tool lets businesses manage multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Some pro’s for this measurement tool are that the social media accounts are listed in a vertical sidebar which I found makes it easier to view all the accounts at once. With socialite, people can post and comment on Facebook from socialite as well as manage their Twitter account. They also offer a customizable layout and a free version to download. Socialite allows people to compare the different social media platforms they are using (all in one place) and find which one is most beneficial.

Socialite does have some cons as well, it does cost you $10.00 and you do have to download it onto your computer. Socialite is only available for macs, this causes a limited target audience and if they came out with a P.C. version, they would have a lot more traffic through their site. Socialite does not seem to have a lot of drawbacks. However, I’m not able to use it because of the computer restrictions so I’m sure if I were to actually use socialite, then I would most likely find some more things I did and didn’t like. Socialite is more of a one stop social media management tool rather than a social media monitoring or analyzing tool. If a business is trying to track their impact on social media or see who has looked at their page then Socialite would not be a useful site for them.

When is comes down to choosing social media measurement tools it is all about your personal preference and what a business or individual wants to get from it. Socialite is great for managing all your social media websites at once but with TweetGrader you can gain some knowledge on how successful your Twitter account is. All social media measurement tools are going to have positives and negative, when it comes down to deciding which one you should be using, it’s not really about which one is considered the best overall, it’s more about which one will be delivering you the information that you are looking forward to gaining from the tool.

Social Media Plan

Over the past week we have been talking about the role of a social media plan and why they should be used. Our assignment is to create a social media plan for a fictional business called Extreme Promotional Materials. EPM is a business that sells personalized uniforms, promotional materials for sports teams and companies, personalized gifts (clothing, coffee mugs, etc).

Social media is becoming a large part of our society and if it’s used appropriately it can be extremely helpful for a company when it comes to free advertisements and customer feedback. But one negative comment or wrong post from the creator can completely change that and it can ruin your companies reputation in a second. It can risky to get into but more often it is very beneficial.

Why should a Social Media Plan be used?

A social media plan is a great way for a business to make the best of social media. Having a social media plan will help a business concentrate on their social media marketing goals. It will also help them to determine what routes they will take when it comes to different websites or platforms, it is always significantly better for a company to focus on using only one or two and maximizing those platforms and figuring out how to use them to their full potentials.

How should a Social Media Plan be used?

A social media plan should be used to create a plan to promote your business on the social media platforms that you have chosen. You should include certain things into this social media plan; how much time you will be spending on social media and how often you are going to be updating information.

Extreme Promotional Materials; Social Media Plan


Extreme Promotional Materials does their best to offer customers good quality products at a reasonable price and in a friendly atmosphere. Through social media we are hoping to connect to as many people as we can, giving ourselves the opportunity to build relationships with current and future customers.


The vision of Extreme Promotional Materials is to create a huge network through using social media to the best of our abilities. We are doing our best to maintain a positive environment in our stores and on social media. We have high hopes that our customers will be happy with the services we offer to them, leaving us with only positives reviews on our social media sites.


  • Reach more people through social media.
  • Gain more feedback and learn from that feedback.
  • Create positive relationships with customers.
  • Learn the needs and wants of our customers.

Target Audience

Our target audience includes men and woman, from schools, whether it is public schools, high schools, colleges or universities. We will reach out to sports teams, and radio stations and hope that once the business becomes larger we can reach out to companies that are both big and small, that are in need of uniforms, t shirts, etc.

Social Media Tools

Three social media tools have been chosen for Extreme Promotional Materials to take advantage of for their social media. They are Facebook, WordPress and a store website. We found that because of the large target audience we have Facebook would be an appropriate tool because of how many people are now using it. WordPress would be beneficial for creating blogs for the company because it is a great way to communicate with customers.

A store website would be a successful social media tool because it would answer the questions of the customers, whether they needed to know hours of operation, services offered, etc. It would also offer photos and ideas so that customers can check it out and come into the store more prepared. The Facebook and blog would both have the link to our website on them, as well as the website would have a link to like our Facebook page and follow our blogs so each can be easily located.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

With our social media just beginning, the company will need some strategies to real customers into their social media sites. We are going to have postings up in our store with our Facebook page and blog. Also, as I said earlier, we will have the Facebook and blog links on our company website, which people should become familiar with over time and know that they can go there to browse through our products.

Our goal is to be checking our Facebook daily to answer any customer questions and to read through some feedback we might have received. We will also be checking regularly so that we know if our strategy of having links on our website is working to our advantage or not. If it isn’t we will have to find a different way to approach this, perhaps some more word of mouth to get our customers talking, encourage customers to visit our sites as we are checking them out and we could try putting our website on the receipt paper.

When it comes to our website and our blog, these will be updated about once a week with the new products and services we offer and we could post a picture of the best promotional material from that week for some excitement. We will post things like new products, weekly specials, upcoming sales and events.


Social media plan’s are important to have for a business that is just starting out with social media. Extreme Promotional Materials offers great customer service and are hoping to reach a large audience in a positive environment that is being created through online websites. We have high hopes of receiving feedback and being in touch with our customers needs and wants.

Once It’s Up There You Can’t Take It Back

Over the past week, we have been talking about our own personal digital footprints. We have google‘d ourselves and most of us were quite surprised with the findings. We are to spend some time brainstorming how we can improve and enhance our digital footprints. The plan of this blog is to come up with three important ways to better my digital footprint and also discuss how and why these steps are going to be effective. The three different ways I chose to develop a higher quality digital footprint include being very careful with what I put up onto the internet, as well as what others are putting up of me. I will make sure I have a private and professional profile and lastly, I will use my sites regularly.

Here’s a quick video that explains your digital footprint: 

First off, you need to remember just how big of an impact you are making when you are uploading pictures. Yes, we all want our friends to see how much fun we had at the bar last night and everyone to see our cute outfits…but what about future employers? Do you think that’s what they’re looking forward to viewing on your profiles? Probably not.

I’m planning on improving my digital footprint through my Facebook account by removing any inappropriate pictures that might be linked to my name. These are not necessarily photo’s I have uploaded, but might be ones that friends of mine have posted. You have to be careful of both situations, it’s not only about what you are posting. This is going to be beneficial because it will show future employers or anyone looking at my profile that I am responsible. People could look at my profile and think that I am professional and serious about what I put online.

Secondly, we need to keep in mind that absolutely anyone, anywhere can view a profile that doesn’t have the correct privacy settings in place. This doesn’t only mean that your future employers, teachers and family members can see what you’re doing… It means that if you are posting things that you’re doing or places you’re visiting, complete strangers can start tracking your whereabouts as well, a bit creepy I must say!!

A route that I am going to take to enhance my digital footprint through both my Twitter and Facebook accounts includes keeping my profiles extremely private. On Facebook, I will change all of my account settings so that only people I have friended can view what I post, which will show I am responsible and professional, caring about who sees my things. On Twitter, I will show the same responsibility ad professionalism through protecting my tweets so that I have to allow people to be able to view them. After I complete these things, this will show that I care enough about myself online to take time out and make these changes so that nothing that my name is linked to can be seen as lazy or careless.

Lastly, how often we are using our websites is very important. If someone was to Google my name and I wasn’t using my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc on a regular basis then they might be directed to someone else’s page with my same name. This person could have a very unprofessional profile and if it was a future employer that was looking me up, who I have never met before, I could lose that opportunity.

I will make an impression through LinkedIn, which is a great website for finding a job. I am planning on making my network on this site very large, by adding people and joining other networks. If someone was to Google my name, and I was using my LinkedIn account regularly then this would pop up. They would be directed to my website where my resume etc could be located. This shows that I have good networking skills and that I am working very hard towards a positive first impression through social media.

Nowadays, our digital footprints are so important!! Before you start posting things all over different social media sites, you need to stop and think twice about whether this is going to affect you in the long run or ask yourself if you’re going to regret it down the road. Even though you delete something, it is never completely deleted from the internet because in all seriousness, once it’s up there you can’t take it back.

Mashable, Social Media Explorer, TechCrunch & The World of Business

Over the past week, we have been looking into a few different online resources for keeping up to date with the newest trends in social media. We were to browse through Mashable, Social Media Explorer, as well as, TechCrunch. We had to spend some of our time finding different stories that we found interesting on each site and discuss the impact that story has on the world of business. The plan of this blog is to analyze the different articles and express my views on each one, relating to the above information. The three articles I chose were ‘Why It Takes So Long to Restore Power in New York After Sandy’ on Mashable; ‘The Economics of Bad Outreach’ on Social Media Explorer and ‘Twitter Releases Number Related To Hurricane Sandy: More then 20M Tweets Sent During its Peak’ on TechCrunch.

The first article I am going to talk about is ‘Why It Takes So Long to Restore Power in New York After Sandy’ posted on November 2nd, 2012 by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai. This story discusses the large impact Hurricane Sandy had on New York City, which includes leaving the city without power for days. Everyone is asking the question: Why is it taking so long to restore power? and there is one simple answer. The entire electrical

grid was damaged, Sandy was one of the most severe storms the Northeast has ever seen, knocking down countless amounts of trees and power lines and flooding many areas. This storm clearly wasn’t going unnoticed, leaving approximately 930 000 people without power for days. Many things are discussed that deal with the fixing of the issues, as well as ways to avoid this happening again, this may include a waterproof system and no cables that are easily exposed to water.

In my opinion, this situation has a huge impact on the world of business. The article mentioned how 1600 external contractors were hired to conduct repairs and inspections. Although this isn’t a good thing to happen to a city, there are positives on the business scale because now many people who don’t currently have a job, are given the opportunity to work. Insurance companies would also be getting a lot of business from a situation like this.

The second article I am going to talk about is ‘The Economics of Bad Outreach’ posted on November 1st, 2012 by Mark Smiciklas. This article analyzes whether or not a lazy approach has an impact on business value.

Details are discussed about if a lazy approach is taken then there could be a potential loss of revenue opportunities and when there is no care or effort shown, that could potentially lead to a greater service problem. Mentioning names negatively in a pitch could also reflect poorly back on you, which could decrease the value and trust people have in your brand. This article also discusses how a company could avoid these things in their outreach; getting information on the brand, following there stories from a few months back and get as many details as possible before throwing a pitch.

This type of situation, as discussed above, could be a huge economic pitfall for a business.  It is very important for companies to be well informed of every aspect that they are pitching. If one thing goes wrong, or something is not researched it could cause much larger problems then companies might want. Trust could be lost from consumers, which means revenue decreases. Other potential opportunities for a business could be destroyed, and once word of mouth gets around, which these days happens quite fast, a businesses success can quickly be ruined. It is important for a company to cover all grounds and make sure their outreach is well thought through and researched.

The third article I will be discussing is called ‘Twitter Releases Numbers Related To Hurricane Sandy: More then 20M Tweets Sent During its Peak’ posted on November 2nd, 2012 and written by Drew Olanoff. This story mentions how through the devastating times of Hurricane Sandy, millions of people turned to Twitter to talk about what they were going through, replacing the landlines and cell phones that weren’t working.

Over 20 millions tweets were sent out from October 27th through November 1st, between Saturday Oct 27 and Tuesday Oct 30, tweets mentioning the Red Cross increased 30x, and all of this shows that people weren’t only tweeting their own information but they were also searching for answers, help and taking in information.

Twitter is becoming more involved with the business world everyday. This event is a perfect example of how important social media tools are becoming for businesses to get information out into the public. This article proves that more and more statistics are showing Twitter, along with Facebook and other social media sites are becoming the number one place for people to discuss their concerns and post their problems. Also, many businesses have caught onto this trend of how many users are on Twitter and are beginning to use social media for advertising. This is such a smart thing to do because of how many people it reaches at no cost.

Each of these articles have their own personal effect on businesses; lots of job opportunities and work available for people around the New York area, where Hurricane Sandy hit. The potential success or failure for a business that is pitching their idea to the public, along with the incredible amount of people using Twitter and other social media sites to get their information and opinions out.

Instagram vs. Pinterest

This week in SMET class, we looked into the different social media tools and how they’re being used in our society today. There are so many different tools that are available to anyone online. I have decided to look into a couple popular ones, Instagram and Pinterest. The purpose of this blog is to pin point how a business could use these social media tools to benefit their businesses.

Instagram is one of the most popular downloaded photo apps, having millions of users. It is a website where you let pictures do the talking, you can share your story through different, edited photos you have taken.

If I were in a business setting, I would display the companies instagram name so that people could follow the pictures that my business is putting online, which would create more online traffic. This site, if constructed properly, is a huge advertisement for a company, and its FREE to upload your photos so that everyone can view them. I would probably use Instagram for making my products look more enticing for the customers. Instagram does a good job of improving the look of pictures, so this would be beneficial for attracting the eye of a potential consumer.

Pinterest is a “virtual pin-board” which lets your organize and share the beautiful things you might find over the web. It connects people from all over the world, based on their interests. You can organize your pin boards to plan your wedding, sort your favourite recipes, and even decorate your home. People can leave you feedback on what they think as well!

I would use this for some of the same reasons I would use Instagram, anyone can view them at no cost, and you can upload hundreds of pictures to advertise for your company. PLUS, not only does your company advertise for you, but when a user comes across pictures they might like on the site, they can “repin” it and then they are advertising for you!! You could get a lot of positive feedback from this. Pinterest lets you browse through almost anything, from fashion to baking. This site lets you show off your knowledge and expertise.

I came across this photo, which I thought was rather interesting, so I thought I would share it with you;

As more and more social media tools are coming to surface, businesses need to keep up with what people are using. Although many people are still reading the newspapers and looking through magazines, the reality of the matter is that most of the advertisements now a days, will be more successful over the web. I came to the conclusion, that businesses use these social media tools for one main reason; free mass advertising.